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Inspired By Excellence & Innovation

SR Teaching and Learning Language Centre is a professional educational institution which was established in 2008, located in central district of the capital city of Azerbaijan, Baku.

We have been offering English courses to students with various nationalities for about a decade. Our vision is to become the preferred language teaching organization not only in Baku but also in other cities of the country.

Since the birth of the company, SR has invested a lot of time and effort to ensure it continues to deliver high-quality yet affordable education to learners from diverse backgrounds.

SR Teaching and Learning integrates excellent and innovative approach in language with a curriculum that incorporates culture, world languages and area studies. We also hope to offer students the opportunities to identify the right pathway for further studies abroad.

And Today we can proudly announce being OFFICIAL CAMBRIDGE Preparation Center and having IAO Accreditation, SUTO, TESOL ASIA, ALFA DIALOG & ETI Partnership and IATEFL & TESOL Membership.

What Makes Us Different?

Meet The Team

Kateryna Protsenko Assessor
Andrew Walkley Assessor
Samad Samadov Assessor
IevgeniiaTatarova Instructor
Akbar Ghafouri Instructor
Paul Harvey Instructor
Evelyn Strongylakou Instructor
Olena Shvydka Instructor
Seyed Reza Molaee Instructor
Ketevan Tabutsadze Instructor