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A Little Bit Of Us

By thankfully having IAO Accreditation, SUTO, TESOL ASIA, ALFA DIALOG & ETI Partnership, IATEFL & TESOL Membership and becoming OFFICIAL CAMBRIDGE Preparation Center SR Teaching and Learning integrates excellent and innovative approach in language with a curriculum that incorporates culture, world languages and area studies. We also hope to offer students the opportunities to identify the right pathway for further studies abroad.

Our mission is to provide quality language education with reliability allowing students to achieve their academic goals as well as to be a competitive and progressive language teaching organization aiming to maintain a creative and organized work flow.

Core Values

Courses & Services We Offer

  • Teacher Development Courses

    Tesol / Tefl  certification for both local and foreign students

    You can take this 120-hour course in 2 ways:

    80 hours of Face to face (onsite) plus 40 hours of online,

    Or 120 hours of fully online 

    TKT / PRE-CELTA preparation courses

               Taught by Industry (or Globally) Certified Local and Foreign Teachers both online and onsite

English Language Teaching For …

  • Young learners
  • Cambridge English Exams
  • General Purposes
  • Academic Purposes
  • Business English

Summer Courses For Teacher Develpoment

From the date of August 20 to September 10  we open our Summer Courses doors for passionate teachers so they don’t have to go to London to become Globally Approved Teacher

2-day Industry-Driven Workshops: 

  •  English for Tourism
  • English for Oil and Gas Industry
  • English for Young Learners

International Certification For Russian Language Teachers

To quickly be on your way travelling and teaching Russian overseas, simply complete our

120-Hour in-class Course and become a global Russian language teacher. During the training, there are daily study sessions in which trainees learn teaching methodology, classroom management, how to teach accent reduction and interesting grammar classes. The greater portion of the time is spent on preparing, teaching,

and evaluating classes.

This course gives you the best return on your investment and is perfect for those who

have never taught Russian before. As you gradually acquire new skills, you have sufficient practice to apply them to teaching and get immediate feedback from your trainer. The course comes with full career-support services.

Teacher Exchange Program

We have the privilege to get our hands on Teacher Exchange Programs so we can offer the best possible solutions to you

Globally Approved Seminars And Trainings


Online Placement and Proficiency Tests

We are having the joy of placing online quizzes on our website so you wouldn’t need to waste your precious time coming and taking the test in our office. But if you desire, you can have it paper-based exams as well in our office.




Meet The Team

Kateryna Protsenko Assessor
Andrew Walkley Assessor
Samad Samadov Assessor
IevgeniiaTatarova Instructor
Akbar Ghafouri Instructor
Paul Harvey Instructor
Evelyn Strongylakou Instructor
Olena Shvydka Instructor
Seyed Reza Molaee Instructor
Ketevan Tabutsadze Instructor